Grow Coaching Cards: Intermediate

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    Improve your coaching skills! Help experienced coaches be even more effective!

    This thought-provoking deck has 48 cards that help individuals explore their current REALITY, set GOALS for the future, consider a range of OPTIONS, and plan a WAY FORWARD.

    Now in their 11th reprint and with sales to customers in over 36 different countries worldwide, Reveal More GROW Coaching Cards can improve your coaching skills and assist as a training aid in workshops and courses to support trainee coaches development.

    Whether you are managing people, are a life coach already, are just beginning your coaching journey at work, are bringing up children, coaching sports, or running clubs --these cards provide an easily accessible way of using the GROW coaching model as a framework to get results. Color-coded for easy reference, each card has a question for you to ask as the coach, the reason for asking the question and a reminder tip at the bottom. Everything is on one card -- no more need to have books and notes. The cards free you to enjoy and experience the powerful tool that coaching really is, straight away. Witness real, positive reaction to the questions and see coachees experiencing effective coaching questions that bring results.

    • 40 intermediate coaching questions arranged in 4 coloured suits to correspond to the GROW model.
    • 4 Recap cards for each section assist you as the coach to summarize and to clarify, without misinterpreting or changing the meaning of what the coachee has said.
    • A unique coaching direction picture card to illustrate the coaching journey.
    • Part 2 of a series of 3 decks to fuel your expertise and drive results