Meeting Zest Thumball 6"


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    The Meeting Zest Thumball provides perfect questions for any meeting, which will build camaraderie, ease tension, foster development of collegial relationships and surface hot topics. On this Thumball, you'll find three types of questions - those that focus on "me," "we," and "me & we."


    • A high/low of your day, so far
    • Something you’d love to learn this week
    • Favorite social media platform. Why?
    • Your “elevator pitch”
    • How you’d spend your time, if you retired
    • Something you wish you were better at
    • Things that cheer me up on a bad day
    • I want to be remembered as _______
    • Three things on my “to do” list
    • The thing I most procrastinate


    • Is “Reply-All” no-no or yes-yes? Why?
    • Email pet peeves
    • Something you like/hate about our meetings
    • An important topic for our next gathering
    • An insight about our team
    • What you wish we could do differently
    • Something I appreciate about another person here
    • If we added someone to our team, I wish they’d _____
    • Something we could change about our environment
    • Something we learned recently, as a group
    •  A weekly tradition we ought to start
    • We should do better at appreciating _______ 

    Me & We

    • What you wish you could change about your role
    • Something you do for us that “works well”
    • I wish I were more appreciated for…  
    • “Work stuff” I like to do when nobody’s around
    • What I really like about our team
    • Something you like about your role
    • I get stressed when we _________
    • A (work) project that brings pleasure (past, current or future)
    • Players Choice
    • Something I wish this group knew about me

    Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications!