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Sometimes when we have a problem, our thinking isn't as clear as it needs to be. Often when we listen to other people talk about their problems, we feel we know exactly which questions to ask them in order to help them see their situation. But when a situation triggers stress or confusion in ourselves, it can be difficult to know what to do.

The Optimism Boosters card pack is a tool to help 'solution-focused thinking', which enables you to think about how you want things to be and how you can improve your situation by taking action. Optimism Boosters gives you access to thirty questions that are designed both to help you view your situation in a different way and to help you think of actions that you can take to improve your situation.

These are the kinds of questions that psychologists or counsellors might ask you, and they might be the kinds of question your friends might ask. With a bit of practice, they can also be questions you can ask yourself automatically when you are in some kind of difficulty.

Written by consulting psychologist and clinical nutritionist Selina Byrne M.A.P.S., these 30 cards create powerful windows into change by asking questions about goals, possibilities and strategies. Drawing on cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focussed, narrative and strengths-based questioning styles, these cards are for: counsellors, teachers, team-builders, parents—anyone wanting an optimistic boost.

Pick a question at random, pick a different one every day, pick one that is so unexpected it makes you smile and …


The 30 cards in the Optimism Boosters set are divided into three 'skill sets' - goals, possibilities and strategies. Which will help you to ask questions to clarify your goal, see possibilities for improving your situation and generate actions that you can take immediately to improve things.

Our favourite question is: "Where is the evidence for what I am telling myself?"

Includes: 30 laminated, full-colour cards, 150 x 105mm Polypropylene box, 36-page booklet