Strategic Leadership Type Indicator (SLTi) Assessment (5 Pack)

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    The Strategic Leadership Type Indicator (SLTi) is a new approach to systematically managing and motivating your employee's performance. SLTi helps leaders understand their own patterns of responses to varied leadership contexts and shows them how they can respond more effectively.

    The instrument is 16 pages and is structured in three parts:

    • Part I is a self-assessment that gives leaders feedback about their use of multiple leadership strategies. In each of the 16 case studies leaders are asked to read descriptions of possible responses and decide how well they think each response would work. 

    • Part II guides participants in selecting the best strategy for a context. 

    • Part III illustrates how leaders can develop their direct reports using these strategies thus creating a structured framework for leadership development.

    This self-scoring assessment is completed within half an hour during which leaders can discover their preferred leadership strategies for a variety of contexts. The assessment improves ability organisation-wide through constant reinforcement of a systematic management model and is a basic and intuitive prescription for leading. It shows leaders how to use strategies to develop their direct reports (moving toward higher autonomy competence and improved productivity).

    SLTi gives leaders the powerful knowledge and insight to adjust their approach to reflect employee capabilities and desires. Strategic leadership responds to various employee needs based on the work they are doing and what skills and attitudes they bring to it. Guiding the leader's efforts is the main objective as the leader chooses from a handful of general strategies then uses judgment experience and creativity to find (many) good ways to implement the strategy depending on the circumstances.

    Includes: 5 booklets