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    These values card are a fabulous tool to focus on values and investigate what drives our behaviour. They are easy to use, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing, ready to be used to define individual, team and organisational values. Each of the 150 cards have a different word on them which represents a value and are colour coded with six areas of values: 

    • Relationships / People

    • Personal / Individual

    • Professional

    • Emotional

    • Motivational links

    • VIA Character Strengths (from the work of Chris Peterson and Martin Seligman)

    The cards come in their own silver tins with a window showing off their instruction card. Along with the cards themselves there are some suggested uses for facilitators and for managers. These suggested uses give ideas for exercises including the overview, the recommended preparation and steps through the exercise to the debrief recommendations. By taking part in these exercises people will learn to establish their values, how values impact emotions, behaviour and communication and how we can use our values to make decisions easier. Values cards are widely used by facilitators for to recognise communication styles and behavioural traits, they are successful coaching tool to aid commitment triggers and setting goals in a coaching conversation. Our values cards are made of high quality luxurious material, aesthetically pleasing with a professional and quality feel and look.