Quality Effectiveness Profile (Self Discovery Series)

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    This assessment looks at your view of the performance of your team or organisation in the area of total quality. The implementation of total quality helps to ensure that better processes and channels are designed to prevent any blockages that limit the effectiveness of the people actually doing the work and ultimately the organisation.

    The following categories are measured:

    • Leadership for quality

    • Quality strategy and policy

    • Data and resource management

    • Empowerment/employee satisfaction

    • Process and systems management

    • Supplier/customer focus

    • Outcomes/results focus

    There are 12 statements per category and scoring is on a five-point scale ranging from Almost Always to Almost Never. Average scores are determined and then plotted together on a spider diagram to show areas of strength and weakness. General interpretative data is provided with tips for development as well as notes pages to record thoughts and ideas resulting from the profile.

    This instrument measures the team or organisation's performance as a whole and is scored on a Likert scale.