Problem Solving & Decision Making Profile (Self Discovery Series)

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    Every day you face a multitude of decisions that have to be made and problems that need to be solved. These can range from simple issues through to complex matters with potentially serious consequences.

    Regardless of the issue there are a number of requirements that are common. These include the need to:

    •     accurately identify the problem or issue

    •     select and apply tools to generate possible solutions

    •     make a decision and/or take action

    The ability to take these steps effectively requires seven key skills which are:

    •     Critical thinking

    •     Data gathering and processing

    •     Tool selection

    •     Lateral conceptualisation

    •     Weighing alternatives

    •     Risk assessment

    •     Perception and judgement

    This competency-based self-assessment has been designed to help you understand more about your relative skills in each of these critical areas. This will help you determine what steps you could take to improve your problem solving and decision making ability.

    Interpretive notes are provided for each category as well as development suggestions. A Personal Action Plan helps you determine what steps you will take to improve your problem solving and decision making skills.

    How this instrument is scored

    Each category contains 12 statements scored on a five point Likert scale ranging from 'Almost Never' to 'Almost Always'. Aggregate scores are then plotted on a spider diagram.

    Although primarily intended (in its paper format) as a self-assessment the questions have been worded so this tool can also be used for 180 or 360-degree feedback (by purchasing extra copies of this booklet - one for each respondent). An online version is also available which provides automated scoring and a comprehensive output report. Please contact us for more information.