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    This assessment measures your personal values and those of your organisation. A value is a belief or choice you make (consciously or unconsciously) about what is good or bad - worthy or not worthy - important or unimportant.

    Values shape behaviour and ultimately all of the actions we take and reveal our core needs and drives. They are the critical link between our actions and behaviour and our basic personality style or type.

    The Values Indicator helps identify which of the following value clusters are most likely to shape your behaviour (as an individual and as part of a group):

    • Harmony (benevolent cooperative open idealistic and warm)

    • Independence (conceptual flexible logical adventurous and creative)

    • Tradition (consistent affiliative protective careful and responsible)

    • Achievement (organised dependable determined efficient and committed)

    • Power (persistent competitive decisive restless and driven)

    Question type: Respondents choose top ten words that describe their most important values and rank them in priority order Answers recorded on: carbon response form.