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    This competency-based instrument helps determine listening effectiveness as a vital part of the communication process. The fact that we retain only about 20% of what we hear makes listening (and learning to listen!) a real challenge. Good listening requires effort. Effective listening can be divided into seven sub-categories: Pre-disposition/temperament Creating a conducive climate Showing positive interest Reading the speaker Empathising Paying attention and concentrating Understanding and reflecting the message The first of these pre-disposition/temperament is different to the other six as it has an impact on the supplementary categories. Each section has 12 statements to which respondents answer on a five-point scale from Almost Always to Almost Never. An aggregate score is obtained in each which is then plotted on an interpretative spider diagram to graphically demonstrate your Listening Profile. Notes on each section are included as well as a personal action plan. This instrument measures an individual's competency and is scored on a Likert scale. This title is also available in these products: Inst. Facilitator Guide Detailed Coaching Guide OPC Training Kit OPC Workbook Skill Builder Series Storyboard A4 Storyboard A3 as well as in self 180 or 360 degree format as an online assessment.