Goal/Objective Setting Effectiveness Profile

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    Setting goals is part of the general process of planning for the future. It is the link between broad intention and tangible actionable tasks to achieve that intent. However goals themselves do not provide motivation unless active steps are taken to achieve them. This assessment addresses seven areas that are suggested to be the main factors constituting effective goal setting efforts: Vision clarity Direction and target setting Planning and organising Measurement and milestones Communication and engagement Motivation and commitment Results focus Twelve statements are presented in each category and responses are marked on a grid from Almost Always to Almost Never in each. Once answers have been recorded a histogram shows a general overview in each category. Aggregate scores are plotted on a spider diagram to visually display each individuals results which can then be interpreted to identify areas where goal setting can be improved. Impact notes are given to aid in developing any problem areas. Participants are encouraged to develop and/or maintain their goal setting skills as part of an ongoing plan for both personal and organisational achievement. This instrument measures an individual's competency and is scored on a Likert scale.