Leadership is Everyone's Business Facilitator's Guide


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This revised edition of Leadership is Everyones Business Facilitators Guide is designed to be used with individual contributors that is people in organizations who have the capacity to lead and influence others, but don't have formal management responsibilities. This program underlies the authors philosophy that leadership is not a position or place in organizations or just reserved for a few at the top. In this Workshop, Kouzes and Posner introduce individual contributors to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadershipí¢_í‚: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. The Facilitator's Guide includes: Detailed instructions and a script for conducting a one-day workshop PowerPoint slides on CD-ROM Sample copy of the Participant Workbook Sample copy of the LPI Self Sample copy of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Article TABLE OF CONTENTS PART ONE: INTRODUCTION A Note From the Authors About This Facilitatorí¢_Œs Guide The Five Practices And The LPI PART TWO: WORKSHOP OVERVIEW Workshop Objectives Module Overviews Leadership Is Everyoneí¢_Œs Business: Sample Workshop Agenda Planning and Preparing For a Workshop Equipment and Supplies Checklist Guide To The Icons In The Script Planning Checklist PART THREE: FACILITATOR'S SCRIPT Orienteering PRACTICE 1. Model The Way PRACTICE 2. Inspire A Shared Vision PRACTICE 3. Challenge The Process PRACTICE 4. Enable Others To Act PRACTICE 5. Encourage The Heart COMMITTING PART FOUR: APPENDIX Lieb Pre-Work Package Sample Welcome Letter For Participants Instructions For Completing Pre-Work Assignments Characterisitcs Of An Admired Leader Recalling Your Personl-Best Leadership Experience Characteristics Of An Admired Leader (CAL): Instructions For Calculating Percentage Scores KOOSH BALL Helium Stick Exercise Visuals Reading List About The Authors Feedback/Workshop Evaluation CD Contents How To Use The CD-ROM