Diversity Mosaic: The Complete Resource for Establishing a Successful Diversity Initiative

ISBN 9780787981723


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If you're really serious about creating diversity in the workplace, Diversity Mosaic is the groundbreaking, comprehensive resource for developing and implementing a systemic, lasting, and measurable diversity initiative in any organization. The resource includes proven, step-by-step guidance, worksheets, manager, and employee training workbooks; organizational assessments, 360-degree feedback observer forms, and scoring sheets; and copies of Managing Diversity and Diversity Mosaic Participant Workbooks. You'll discover the six-step Diversity Enhancement Process and the principles upon which a solid initiative can be built: Step 1: Senior Leaders Initiate a Diversity Effort Step 2: Assess the Current Situation Step 3: Create a Vision, Goals, Plan, and Budget Step 4: Design Diversity Improvement Processes Step 5: Mobilize People's Commitment Step 6: Reassess and Reward You'll also master the Five Cornerstone concepts which fit together like puzzle pieces to give you a strong and unshakable approach to creating lasting inclusion. The Five Cornerstones are: Cornerstone 1: The Diversity Enhancement Process Cornerstone 2: The Inclusive Definition of Diversity Cornerstone 3: The Business Case for Diversity Cornerstone 4: The Cultural Competence Scorecard Cornerstone 5: The Diversity Adoption Curve Order today and get all the tools, templates, and techniques you need to create a truly inclusive organization that values diversity.