The New Encyclopedia of Icebreakers


ISBN 9780787968731


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This is the sequel to the hugely successful "Encyclopaedia of Icebreakers." The format, short exercises that can be used to start finish or energize group learning events, has long been a favourite among training practitioners.

In this volume, authors McLaughlin and Peyser created 150 brand new ice-breaking activities suitable for all kinds of learning and group training events, and thoughtfully organized the exercises to mirror the sequence of a typical session: The FORMING, the STORMING, the NORMING, the PERFORMING and the ADJOURNING.

The FORMING chapter features short exercises for use at the start of a session. The STORMING chapter comprises activities that address individual differences in personal style and communication. The NORMING chapter offers a range of team building activities and re-energizers. The PERFORMING chapter includes all activities that make use of the training topic. And in the final chapter, ADJOURNING, the authors have created some innovative ways to bring training events to a close.