The Accountability Experience Participant Workbook and Self Assessment


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In organizations today, everyone is feeling the pressure to meet ever-increasing expectations with less time and money than ever before. Stress, burnout, and disengagement are commonplace. Yet, in organizations that embrace accountability, results, retention, and morale flourish. Why? Because accountable individuals negotiate clear agreements, build strong partnerships, feel more in control of outcomes, and, as a result, are less stressed and more productive. In this workshop, participants discover the powerful personal and organizational benefits of individual accountability and the strategies to make it happen. The Accountability Experience is designed to meet the needs of individual contributors, supervisors, managers, and directors in a wide range of industries, including the public sector. Senior executives may go through the entire workshop or a shortened overview to ensure understanding, support, and modeling of key concepts. Executive and management support will create the optimal conditions for this program to deliver the greatest results. It is important to note, however, that even without management support, individuals who attend this training and are committed to change can still create powerful results on their own. This workshop builds the mindset and skills associated with accountability. As a result of actively participating, participants will be able to: * Do things more effectively and with less stress * Feel a sense of accomplishment in their jobs * Develop stronger, more positive relationships * Improve personal productivity and satisfaction During this workshop, participants are introduced to the Accountability Cycle and its three phases: responsibility, self-empowerment, and accountability. Each phase is fully explored and participants have the opportunity to practice a range of skills and tools including: * Use of the Clear Agreement Form * Empowered Language * Declining an Agreement * Renegotiating an Agreement * Learning from Past Successes * Holding Themselves and Others Accountable The Participant Workbook is a comprehensive takeaway that includes critical content, worksheets, and forms used during the workshop, as well as additional tools for on-the-job use. The Accountability Assessment is a self-administered assessment designed to measure an individual's mindset in four categories: 1. Personal Responsibility 2. Personal Accountability 3. Team Empowerment 4. Perception of Organizational Culture A Likert scale is used to measure the participants' strength of agreement or disagreement with the seventy-three assessment items. Measuring the attitudes and reactions to the assessment items is what indicates the 'mindset'Œ of each participant. The assessment is not a test. It helps us understand 'thinking'Œ to more accurately predict an individual's behavior and the behaviors that exist in an organization. Results of 85 percent or higher indicate 'high-performance'Œ mindsets, which lead to high-performance behaviors (as defined by the workshop's model).