Remarkable Leadership Facilitator's Guide: Twelve programs for Creating Remarkable Leaders


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Unleash leadership potential —one skill at a time

Today's fast-moving world presents a challenge to organizations: Good leadership is more important than ever. But finding the time to devote to leadership development is increasingly difficult.Remarkable Leadership:Twelve Programs for Creating RemarkableLeaders was developed with these dual realties in mind. Based on Kevin Eikenberry's acclaimed book, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time, this program helps leaders develop their potential in shorter-format workshops, each focusing on one skill at a time.

A cornerstone of the Remarkable Leadership approach is the belief that leaders must be continual learners, and that learning isn't an "event," but an ongoing process. Rather than a one- or two-day program, this program is designed as twelve 60- or 90-minute modules, one for each core Remarkable Leadershipc ompetency area (learning continually—the thirteenth competency—is integrated throughout each module). With this flexibility, training can be delivered one competency a month; selected important skills for a particular group can be targeted; and a variety of other flexible approaches can be created to meet the needs of the organization and individual leaders/learners.

This package includes the Facilitator's Guide covering each of the 12 modules, with options for delivery in 60- or 90-minute formats, twelve separate Participant Workbooks designed to support skills development during the session and beyond, and PowerPoint slides to assist the facilitator in being successful in preparation and delivery of any/all of the modules.

PARTICIPANT WORKBOOKS (samples included in this guide)

  • Building Relationships 978-0-470-50182-5

  • Championing Change 978-0-470-50183-2

  • Valuing Collaboration and Teamwork 978-0-470-50184-9

  • Communicating Powerfully 978-0-470-50185-6

  • Developing Others 978-0-470-50186-3

  • Focusing on Customers 978-0-470-50187-0

  • Influencing with Impact 978-0-470-50206-8

  • Managing Projects and Processes Successfully978-0-470-50188-7

  • Taking Responsibility and Accountability 978-0-470-50190-0

  • Setting Goals and Supporting Goal Setting 978-0-470-50191-7

  • Solving Problems and Making Decisions 978-0-470-50192-4

  • Thinking and Acting Innovatively 978-0-470-50193-1

Includes flash drive
With 12 Slide Decks and Electronic Facilitator's Guide