Leading Through Transitions Facilitators Guide


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Help your leaders master the human side of change.Change and transition -- in most of today's organizations, they are unexpected and frequent, monumental in scope, relentless, and increasingly complex. Flux has become the natural state of most organizations. Many leaders are skilled at effecting and responding to the structural side of change: creating a vision, reorganizing, and restructuring. But it is rare that they have mastered the skills to constructively manage the human side of change: grieving, letting go, building hope, and learning.The Leading Through Transitions Facilitator's Guide provides the information and tools facilitators need to conduct an effective program that helps participants gain a deep understanding of the need to balance the dynamic tension between six pairs of seemingly paradoxical leadership attributes related to managing change:Being tough while simultaneously expressing appropriate empathy.Catalyzing change while understanding transition.Expressing a sense of urgency while retaining the capacity for realistic patience.Being self-reliant yet trusting others.Radiating both optimism and realism.Capitalizing on strengths while fostering the capacity to go against the grain.This comprehensive package includes background information on leading with authenticity in times of transition and introduces the Authentic Leadership Paradox Wheel. It provides detailed instructions for preparing and following up after one-day and two-day workshops and scripts for workshop delivery. The package also includes the two sample Participant Workbooks, a Wheel Poster, a Wheel Handout, and a flash drive that contains an electronic copy of this Facilitator's Guide, workshop agendas, and supporting PowerPoint slides.