Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI Short), Facilitator's Guide Set


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Team Emotional and Social Intelligence

Emotional and social intelligence are key ingredients for success when working with a team. Empathy, flexibility, and assertiveness are some of the essential skills that team members need to foster if they are to work together to make the right decisions that ultimately increase productivity.

Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Facilitator's Guide offers a unique set of tools for measuring and developing a team's emotional and social effectiveness in the seven dimensions that are a prerequisite for high performance. Created by two leaders in the field of emotional intelligence training, Marcia Hughes and James Bradford Terrell, this comprehensive resource is based on the most current research on emotional and social intelligence and presents the authors' proven Collaborative Growth® Team Model. The guide contains the tools, guidelines, and scripts for producing an effective full- or half-day workshop that introduces the seven skills of emotional and social intelligence and shows how team members can develop these skills to work together effectively. The package also includes the Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI® Short) Survey, which gives team members the power to rate their team's performance on the seven skills:

  • Team Identity

  • Motivation

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Stress Tolerance

  • Positive Mood

Once the members have assessed their own performance, they can strategically engage with each other to reduce conflict, enhance communication, and achieve a consistently balanced workflow with high productivity.

The Team Emotional and Social Intelligence resource also includes a sample Participant Workbook for use during the workshop sessions, a CD that contains copies of the workshop agenda, slides that amplify the workshops key points, and a colorful poster of the Team Model.